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DIY Potion Recipes for Your Harry Potter Theme Party

DIY Potion Recipes for Your Harry Potter Theme Party

Halloween is the perfect time for your Harry Potter themed party. No party is complete without the proper food, drinks, and decorations. Check our previous post for ideas on invitations and games. With activities taken care of, now you can focus on party fare with a few of our favorite potions. Channel your inner Professor Snape and allow your potions to bewitch the minds and ensnare the senses of your party guests.

Get ready for your Harry Potter themed Halloween party with a few of our favorite DIY potions recipes. There are adult and child-friendly potions available. Don’t forget the magic wands and let your friends, family, and kids get in on the preparation fun.


Polyjuice Potion

In the books, polyjuice potion tastes terrible and is time consuming but turns you into the form of a given person for a short period of time. While this recipe doesn’t actually require hair and will not turn you into someone else, it is fun and delicious. This punch is child-friendly and can easily be upgraded for adults.


½ gallon lime sherbet

2 liters Sprite

A few drops of neon green food coloring

Add the lime sherbet to a large punch bowl. Slowly pour in the Sprite. It will bubble and foam so take it easy. Add a few drops of food coloring and gently mix.

Add vodka for an adults-only version.



No Harry Potter party is complete without butterbeer. Not only is this drink a staple in the Harry Potter series, but it is also perfect for fall and Halloween festivities.


6-8 T butterscotch sauce

3 cups apple cider

1 cup bourbon whiskey (optional)

2 cups ginger beer

Whipped cream 

Heat the apple cider, butterscotch sauce, and whiskey (if using) in a saucepan. Heat until the butterscotch dissolves and the mixture is hot. Remove from heat and stir in the ginger beer. Ladle the mixture into mugs and top with whipped cream.


This recipe can be for adults or children. If your party has guests of all ages, avoid the whiskey and make sure your ginger beer is non-alcoholic. Many ginger beers are already considered non-alcoholic just be sure to check the label closely.


Amortentia Potion

Add a little love to your party with this fruity red cocktail. This sweet, shimmery potion is not only for Valentine’s Day. Let the sweetness intoxicate the senses.


2 oz cranberry juice

1 oz vodka

½ oz grenadine


½ tsp pearl dust (if desired for a shimmery finish)

Red berries for garnish

Add the cranberry juice, vodka, grenadine, and ice to a cocktail shaker. Mix vigorously for 30 seconds. Strain into a glass. If using, mix in the pearl dust. Top off with a few berries.

This drink can be child-friendly as well. Replace the vodka with club soda for nonalcoholic sweetness.


Unicorn Blood

This potion is not for the faint of heart. Remember that unicorn blood will keep you alive even if you are an inch from death. However, you will have a cursed life. Is the reward worth the risk? Thankfully, our recipe is fun, not dangerous.


1.5 oz silver tequila

1.5 oz St. Germain (elderflower liqueur)

1 oz lemon juice

Add the ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake hard. Strain into a glass.


Wolfsbane Potion

Keep your inner werewolf under control with wolfsbane potion. This drink is not for the timid.


1.5 oz Scotch whiskey

1.5 oz Fernet-Branca


Mix the Scotch and Fernet vigorously in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into a glass. Top with Coca-Cola to taste. If you’re feeling really fancy, use round ice molds to create the appearance of a moon in your drink.


Felix Felicis

Brewed correctly, this potion can bring the drinker luck in their endeavors. Are you feeling lucky? Give your guests a bit of luck at the party with this fizzy potion.


¼ oz simple syrup (add equal parts sugar and water until the sugar dissovles)

¼ oz lemon juice

1.5 oz ginger beer

Champagne or sparkling wine

Mix the simple syrup and lemon juice in a champagne flute. Add the ginger beer. Fill the rest of the flute with champagne.


Now that you have a list of potions, you are ready for your party. Grab your wand, costume, and games and have fun with your Harry Potter guests.

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